Your convenient hospital-grade ECG recorded in the comfort of your home or office

Request for an ECG

ECG Future is the ONLY medical service provider in Singapore that provides non-emergency ECG recordings at your doorstep along with a cardiologist interpretation.

A) This is made possible with the newest, highly certified, AI enhanced Personal Cardiac Assistant (PCA).

B) Start your heart health journey from as young as 18 years old.

C) Simply schedule and appointment with us, make payment and we’ll come by. The ECG result with our cardiologist review will then be available soon after.

How ECG-Future Benefits You


Our visit to you, including the ECG recording is usually completed within 15 minutes.


Say goodbye to long waiting times and get the same hospital-quality ECG from home or place of work.


The PCA is a US FDA-certified ECG recorder that records 12-lead ECGs with AI-assisted preliminary interpretations. Although compact, it’s packed with advanced technology to deliver exceptional results.

Accessible Healthcare

We offer a comprehensive service that includes interpretation by a cardiologist with extensive experience in private practice. We can send the ECG data to your preferred cardiologist free of charge if you have one. In addition, an electronic copy of your ECG will be sent to you.


Our disposable, single-piece, pre-positioned, pre-connected electrode strips enable accurate placement every time. In other words, high quality results are assured as errors are minimised greatly.


If you require multiple ECGs over a period of time, speak to us about leasing the PCA. How is this possible? The PCA is the ONLY US FDA certified ECG recorder that can be used by anyone to perform an ECG recording, even without medical training.


An ECG is a painless, non-invasive recording of the electrical activity of your heart.  Our PCA system is a medical-standard, 12-lead ECG that patients can use at home for self-monitoring under a physician’s guidance. 

In general, the PCA can be used by patients with chronic arrhythmia, heart failure, stable coronary artery disease, patients after cardiac surgery, cardiac catheterization, and ablation procedures. 

Yes. The PCA system is cleared and certified as a 12-lead ECG recorder by the FDA for both professional and personal use. A clinical trial with conventional and recognised brands showed that the PCA is comparable, as a diagnostic 12-lead ECG.

Unlike a 1-lead ECG that is used for arrhythmia detection and basic heart monitoring, a 12-lead ECG is used to provide a comprehensive view of the heart and is the medical standard for screening and diagnosing various heart conditions like arrhythmias, heart attacks, drug effects on the heart, and many other heart diseases.

Yes. Our PCA was compared directly to a market leader in a clinical trial to test for ECG quality equivalence. ECG equivalence, determined by 3 cardiologists, was higher than the equivalency level required by the FDA. Essentially, our PCA produces ECGs of the same diagnostic quality as ECG systems that are costlier, much larger and use the complicated electrode patches and cables.

There are two common clinical scenarios to use the PCA at home.

Firstly, the PCA can be used as a non-urgent, standard resting 12-lead ECG for screening, diagnosis and follow up. It can be used on patients who need pre-op clearance, a routine physical check-up, weight loss program enrolment, have cardiac symptoms (palpitation, fatigue, etc.), to rule out cardiac conditions, and under surveillance of medication side effects (most notably psychiatric, antibiotic, and oncological medications).

Secondly, it can be used for monthly Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) of those with chronic medical conditions. This can be patients with intermittent arrhythmias, stable angina on medical therapy, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension.

The PCA is not a continuous heart monitor. It is an on-demand, resting, 12-lead ECG recorder that provides a 10-second snapshot each time you press the “Record” button.

Yes. The PCA can detect when a pacemaker is present, and it will not affect the quality of the ECG recording. The PCA will not interfere with the function of the pacemaker as well.

Yes. To prevent disease transmission and ensure the best ECG signal quality, the PCA Electrode Strips are one-time use. After application on a patient, the electrode strips may be repositioned and remain on the same patient. The hydrogel will begin to dry out and the quality of ECG signals cannot be guaranteed once the electrode package is open for more than 24 hours.